Tech on the Trail – Introducing our QR Coded Signposts

As you follow the Trans Bhutan Trail, you will soon come across poles with QR codes and the TBT logo posted at various locations. These are the TBT marker poles. These signposts serve a dual purpose: The TBT logo will guide you along the Trans Bhutan Trail and the QR code will bring to life the tales, legends and myths of the local community.

If it is your first time on the trail and you are not confident about knowing the route, do not worry! The signposts are there to guide you, so that you do not get lost. Of course, our international travellers will be accompanied with a local guide.

The QR Codes are a unique feature with all kinds of different information.  For instance, if you are walking along the Trans Bhutan Trail in Paro Dzongkhag, some of the content includes information on Paro Rinpung Dzong, the Gung Karpo Sky Burial and many more. Curious to find out more? Head out on one of our itineraries to find out more!


To access this exciting bit of technology, you can use a QR code reading app, or download the Trans Bhutan Trail app from the Play Store/ App Store. Our app also contains various other useful information on the Trail, including the Trail Code and local itineraries.

Sustainability is at the heart of Trans Bhutan Trail. To ensure that the signposts are sustainably sourced, TBT collaborates with the waste management social enterprise Greener Way to produce these recycled lumber post. This ancient trail belongs to every Bhutanese and we would like to request everyone to please support TBT in maintaining and protecting the trail and its amenities so that we can all enjoy it for generations to come.