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The land of Thunder Dragon

In accordance with time and place, Bhutan was referred to by many different names.

The first name with which the country was associated, according to traditional Bhutanese Historians was Mon, Monyul (Mon country), or Lhomon (Southern Morn). Its inhabitants were called Mon pa (dark people). ‘Mon,’ a Tibetan word for ‘darkness’ was implied to the Bhutanese because at the time they were said to live in a state of socio-spiritual darkness without the light of Buddha’s wisdom.

Before the unification of Bhutan, the name Lhomonkhazhi – the Mon of four approaches was more common. The four approaches here are Dungsamkha (east), Pasakha (south), Dalingkha (west), and Taktsherkha (north).

Menjong – the medicinal country / the land of medicinal herbs is yet another one. It was referred, in specific, to the Paro Valley.

The name ‘Bhutan’ stems from its history with the British. It is now used internationally for official and diplomatic purposes and the locals themselves also use it when referring to their country in English.

Locally, the country is referred to as ‘Druk Yul’ meaning the ‘The Land of Thunder Dragon’ and its people, ‘Drukpas’ (dragon people).

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