Trans Bhutan Trail NFTs

Each one of our non fungible tokens (NFTs) have been designed and minted to represent the 205 Gewogs within Bhutan. 

Those who wish to purchase one of our first NFTs will be able to do so via the online marketplace, Solsea, for a fee of 10 Solanas. We are using Solana as we understand it to be the most environmentally friendly of the major cryptocurrencies. As with all of our ventures, all profits from the sale of our NFTs will go directly back into ensuring a sustainable future for the Trans Bhutan Trial and the communities who live along it.


What are the benefits about owning a Trans Bhutan Trail NFT?

  • Free membership for five years – You will automatically become a Trans Bhutan Trail member for five years and includes all the benefits that are associated with our membership scheme, including partner discounts and exclusive access to webinars
  • Entry into a draw for the chance to win a free trip to Bhutan – You will be entered into our lottery, in which, one of our NFT holders will win a ‘Golden Ticket’ trip to Bhutan for its inaugural launch
  • 5% off Trans Bhutan Trail itineraries*
  • Exclusive access to virtual Trans Bhutan Trail experiences
  • Access to Trans Bhutan Trail NFT community via social channels
A trial can change your life