Trail Code

Our Trail Code

By walking the Trans Bhutan Trail, you become part of a Trail Community. As a community we commit to maintaining and enhancing the Trail out of respect to the ancestors who built it, and as a gift to future generations. We do this by adhering to the following:

1. Trek only along marked routes; avoid taking short cuts and walking across farm fields or private land.

2. Obey all blazing and signage.

3. Pass to the left of all chortens.

4. Respect the local community and do not disturb people living along the trail. Show gratitude that they have welcomed you to walk through their farms, forests and villages.

5. Respect local deities and spirits by making offerings.

6. Dress appropriately if you plan to visit monasteries, lhakhangs, dzongs or other sacred sites during your trek. National dress may be required. T-shirt, shorts and sandals are not allowed within these institutions.

7. Leave the trail cleaner than you found it. Carry out all litter.

8. Leave flowers and plants for others to enjoy.

9. Avoid disturbing wildlife and farm animals.

10. Contribute to local economies by purchasing local good and services including camping and homestays; as well as produce from farmers.

11. When you can, make the way easier for those who follow by clearing the trail of fallen branches and overgrowth.

12. Inform the TBT team of major trail issues such as fallen trees or damaged bridges.

13. Take responsibility for your own safety by planning your journey and carrying food, water, first aid and other necessities as appropriate.

14. Leave only your footprints and thanks, take nothing but pictures and memories.

Trans Bhutan Trail traverses rugged semi-wilderness and various wildlife habitats. Weather conditions can vary dramatically. Trail users should be prepared. You are responsible for your own safety and use the trail at your own risk.