Trans Bhutan Trail Reopens For The First Time in 60 Years

Hong Kong-based publications Sing Tao Daily and Headlife have published articles introducing the Trans Bhutan Trail as an ancient route that connects from Haa in the west to Trashigang in east. It was the only way for pilgrims, messengers, armies and traders to walk across the country for hundreds of years. 

The article then highlights the cleared trail connects nine dzongkhags, 28 gewogs, and two municipalities and one national park. It meanders through pristine virgin forests, offering panoramic views of soaring Himalayan peaks and exclusive access to many untouched parts of Bhutan seldom visited by foreigners. It also mentions that there are 400 historic and cultural sites identified along the route to date. The feature concludes that only a limited number of permits will be issued to international travelers and travelers are able to book all aspects of hiking and biking trips led by a local guide.